Support your health, one day at a time.

This course is a practical three week journey of health awareness,
designed to put you in control of your wellbeing.

Price: $220 AUD or £125 GBP

Available worldwide
with lifetime access to materials.

Knowing what stresses you, understanding how that impacts your wellbeing and learning ways to stop stress hijacking your life are some of the most important and empowering health lessons you can learn.

That has certainly been the case for me and thousands of others I’ve worked with over the last 35 years, and is exactly why I have created a new online program to share this knowledge and wisdom with you.

What you'll get when you sign up:

You will receive access to daily tools in the form of short videos, audios and reflective practices. Commitment between 10 to 30 minutes a day is ideal but there is total flexibility in your timetable.

What you'll take-away:

  • How to thread ease and calm into your life
  • What the key healthy/unhealthy influencing patterns are for your health
  • Best sustainable stress-balancing practices for you to take forward in your life

Meet Your Host/Facilitator

With a background as a chartered physiotherapist, Robyn has a wonderful foundation in the science of the body. This served as a launchpad for her exploration into supplementary holistic health disciplines. 

Subsequent training into acupuncture, myofascial release, energy integration and yoga all shape how she works with health - an inherently whole person approach that addresses every level of a client’s being.

She co-authored The Calm Choice, which won the Laing & Buisson healthcare award in 2014 and now uses her expertise to share healthy strategies for balancing stress to individuals and in businesses.

To find out more about her work and various offerings, visit:

Course Outline

  • 1

    Week 1 - The Body

    • Introduction

    • 1.1 Getting to know your body

    • 1.2 Making stress an ally, not an enemy

    • 1.3 Finding your ground

    • 1.4 Exploring balance

    • 1.5 Reframing our physical stories

    • 1.6 Take your pick

    • 1.7 Reflect, Relax & Restore

  • 2

    Week 2 - The Mind

    • 2.1 Getting to know your mind

    • 2.2 Exploring our thoughts

    • 2.3 The Power of Pause

    • 2.4 Putting Things in Perspective

    • 2.5 Reframe the Inner Dialogue

    • 2.6 Take your Pick

    • 2.7 Reflect, Relax & Restore

  • 3

    Week 3 - The Emotions

    • 3.1 Getting to know your emotions

    • 3.2 Exploring the emotions

    • 3.3 What the gut & heart have to say about stress

    • 3.4 Cultivating healthy emotions

    • 3.5 A Matter of Belief

    • 3.6 Back in tune with yourself

    • 3.7 Winding up & winding down


  • Can I take the course at my own pace?

    Absolutely, the course is designed to reduce stress, not give you more. However, we all benefit from a degree of accountability at times, so maybe give yourself a minimum amount of time you are going to spend on it each week. Then everything on top of that is a bonus!

  • Do I need any kind of experience?

    None whatsoever - all the content is available to anyone wanting to understand and improve their stress/health/life relationship. Everyone is welcome.

  • Will I need to be physically fit to do the exercises?

    All the movement and stretch is very gentle, as the course has been created to slow you down and increase awareness of your body, mind and emotions. Once we make the space to listen, we can make different choices and begin enjoying better overall health.

Any further questions, please feel free to email: [email protected]

Natalie D

Robyn has changed my perspective, and therefore life, twice thus far; once before the birth of my baby, enabling me to connect with him through the birthing journey and deliver him calmly into the world - and the other, 9 months into motherhood when I was struggling with finding the balance between my new identity as both a business owner and a new mother. In both instances, I felt supported, safe and changed on a deep core level by Robyn, who gave me both an understanding of what I was feeling and the tools and visualisations to help me keep that clarity beyond the session. Robyn is a true gift, a heart-lightener and a life-changer, and I’m so very grateful that we found each other."

Charles River Laboratories

"Robyn shared The Calm Choice with our staff and the feedback has been fantastic! They not only found it useful but also highly educational. We look forward to working with Robyn again in the future."

Lindenhouse Software

"Running a fast paced sales team, I recognised my employees' wellbeing and motivation is just as important as their results. With that in mind I brought in Robyn to help bolster both. One of the challenges was ranges of ages and fitness levels within the group, but Robyn did a superb job of making the class challenging enough, but at the same time fun for the beginners. Whether it was breathing control or a new exercise, everyone took away something from the lesson. One of the hardest things to ask a sales person to do is disconnect from their mobile/email, but the relaxation from the meditation was a real winner, with many of the team commenting on how they felt much more calm, centred and focused. I’d highly recommend bringing Robyn in to your workplace."

Pip L

"Robyn is a master at creating a nurturing and supportive space. She skilfully balances her experience and knowledge with her ability to intuitively adjust to the mood of the moment, providing the opportunity for something deeper to reveal itself. Robyn truly understands the deep connection between mind, body and soul and conveys this with a lightness and practicality that can be taken into one’s everyday life.”

Claudia G

"When I arrived for Robyn’s session I’d been feeling low on energy all morning. It was such a lovely class incorporating gentle yoga and meditation and the space was so calming. Taking the time out of work was exactly what my body and mind needed. I came away feeling like a new person, completely re-energised and full of motivation - I ended up having such a productive afternoon back at work."

K. Earl

"Robyn’s presence and kindness shines through as soon you meet her. After every session with Robyn, I feel empowered and grounded with a clearer, more focussed mind and a much better idea of what I needed to do to look after myself and continue moving forwards.
Robyn has an incredible ability to help you connect at every level, as well as offering very practical daily tips for anyone looking to regain some inner-strength and clarity."

Steve B

“Robyn has a fantastic skill of grasping the source of the tension and in turn releasing the stress, whilst setting a plan moving forwards."